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March 7, 2018
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June 28, 2018

Why runners return for the 2nd year

Find out why runners are returning for the 2nd edition of the event!

The Run2Nowhere is a two-day trail running challenge that’s grown from strength-to-strength. In the past it
made up a sort of ‘side show’ to the Ride2Nowhere but has grown into its own fully fledged event and will
happen on it’s own weekend.

The route – consisting mostly of singletrack, with a few open gravel roads – offers a good balance of
challenge and reward with some spectacular views. And, as with the mountain bike event, many sections of
trail are not normally accessible to the public.

While it is a great training vehicle for those preparing for longer multi day events or runners looking to
attempt their first two-day trail run, what it’s actually about (much like the famed mountain bike event), is the

This year already has many confirmed returning runners. We quizzed a few of them on what makes the
event so special:

“Run2Nowhere was the first ever multi-day trail run event I’ve run and it was both a daunting and awesome
experience,” says Kay Marais. “What draws me back this year is the race village, the team pulled off an
awesome away-from-home experience, which was both warmly welcoming and entertaining,” she says,
adding that ‘regular’ big events scare her away. “This was just right for me, and unlike other multi-day trail
run events, it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.”

Jacques Lochner echoed Kay’s sentiments. “If you have not done any 2 day races before, this is the perfect
place to start. Great atmosphere, friendly people, overall just a really awesome weekend.” Jacques is ‘really
amped for the Run2Nowhere race again this year.’

“This must be one of the best organised trail runs I have ever taken part in. From registration, water points, to
finish (which are all fully stocked with treats!). Goodie bags at registration and finish, and the lunch provided
delicious.” It’s not just about the run and fun for him though. “McGregor is really a beautiful little town, the
surrounding area and trails are phenomenal and views amazing. This route was really fun especially the
second day starting at Lords wine farm,with the right amount of challenges.”

For Gwendoline Almendro the main attraction also lies in returning to the area. “My family comes from
surrounding area and I'm in love with the place and trail running,” she says. “Last year was great and loved
the race and atmosphere and that is why I decided to do the race again this year with my twin sister, as we
always run together.”

Entries are limited and seeking out fast. Get yours today, here. www.run2nowhere.co.za