Stay Safe and Healthy – Event Update

COVID-19 Event Update
March 16, 2020
Run2Nowhere Events cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19
July 7, 2020

Stay Safe and Healthy – Event Update

Don’t Run or Ride away!

Amidst the lockdown imposed by our Government due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the R2N Events team wishes everybody to be healthy and stay safe. The best way to combat the virus and get us all outside running and riding again is for everyone to play there part in the request for social distancing and keeping up personal hygiene and not risk unnecessary exposure for yourself and others.

Event is going ahead, we’re excited about 2020!
As part of the R2N family we would just like to keep you updated and informed on what we have in store for our 2020 events which are still 6 months away. We firmly believe that by then our society would have conquered the virus spread and we would be back to some sort of normal and as outdoor enthusiast you would be urging to get out on the trails.

Thus, our events are going ahead as normal and we are very excited about 2020 as we are offering a revamped, refreshed and renewed mountain bike offering with our added new 2 day event, the McLite as well as our MTB festival on the Saturday with loads of route improvements on the Run and the Ride. 2020 is the year with a #run4everyone and #ride4everyone.

Let’s get creative with indoor training for the next 21 stays!
We know that everyone would love to be out on the trails, but unfortunately it is something we won’t be able to do for at least the next three weeks. Don’t sit back, find creative ways to keep your fitness levels up and your mind occupied.

There are numerous ways to build up strength and basic fitness and spend some time on that indoor trainer or treadmill. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some tips via our Social Media platforms and we would love you to share your activities with us as well. Use the hashtag #r2nlockdown

See you in September!
We would love to see you in September in McGregor, experiencing the picturesque trails, local hospitality and our all improved and revamped rider experience.

Run2Nowhere – Event Info & Entries

Ride2Nowhere – Event Info & Entries

Keep, safe, be healthy, kind and considerate to all those around you as we all journey through this experience.

For the love of the ride and the run.

The R2N Events Team